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Climb the castle and become the Great King!

With each castle you conquer, you face a bigger castle! You can do wall jumps and remember that backstabbing is the best way to take out enemies without attracting too much attention. If you die, you are not worthy enough to conquer that castle and you will go to another one.

Tip.: To get to a higher floor try to wall jump on the side of the hole.

Default controls:

  • Walk - WASD/Arrow keys
  • Jump - Space
  • Attack (Melee) - Left Mouse Button
  • Attack (Ranged) - Right Mouse Button

You can change the controls in the pop up window at start.

This game was made by Team 2 during the first Classy Games Game Jam.

Team 2:

  • Benas Budrys
  • Mario N.
  • Nijat Nasibli
  • Michael Cunha
  • Simon Danielsson


Castle Climbers (1.0) 16 MB

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