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You wake up and realize that your homeland was invaded by zombies. Gather items, craft weapons and armor and fight those invaders!

This game was made during the Survive the Game Jam event (72 hrs). If you enjoy it, I would be thankful if you rate it.

Controls (Defaults, you can change them in start box):

  • Move  - WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Pickup - E
  • Open inventory - TAB
  • Open crafting - C
  • Action/Attack - LMB (left mouse button)
  • Pause(Save button is there) - ESC

Other Controls: 

  • Some items in the inventory can be used by Right Clicking
  • To craft, you simply Left Click on the item you want from the crafting panel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Survival at its finest 1.1 9 MB

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