Addressing problems

First of all I wanted to say thanks to the people who played Powerless Miner, gave feedback and even rated it. I would've never thought that my game could engage this many people. Seeing that someone plays my game makes my day.

Anyways, I want to talk a little about the music of the project. Because this is a Compo submission I worked alone on the project. I've never made anything related to music until this point. So this was my first go at creating "music". I wanted to make a little loop to play in the background. I do know that it turned out pretty rubbish, but hey, maybe I'll have better luck next time when creating "music".

Another thing that one person mentioned was the hit mechanic. As it's common in a lot of roguelike games that moving into the object will damage it. That's a good choice, but I wanted to stay away from it and instead choose a method that would be able to damage multiple objects around you in one hit.

I'm pretty satisfied how the battery/light mechanic turned out. I think it's a good and pretty unique feature.

I don't see myself as a very good game designer (It's still a long road ahead), but I felt those were the mechanics that would best fit in the game.

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