First of all, I‘d like thank all of the people who played my game. I‘m really thankful for that.

A little bit of background.

I‘m Ben (Benas in my native language) and this Ludum Dare was my first, but I've participated in other game jams so I know about them a little. I thought that a Compo submission would be great for me, because I like to take on various challenges.

The project

Learning from experience from past jams I wanted to keep the project scope small and try to polish things a lot. I also made a little time management table before the event began to keep up good workflow.

First day 

Unfortunately the start of the event was 4:00 a.m. in my country. I've decided to not get up that early and get a fair amount of sleep. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and in the next hour I came up with the idea for the game. I immediately started prototyping after breakfast. After a couple of hours the prototype was done. I spent almost all of the first day programming. I even had some free time in the evening to go out with my friends. I went to sleep pretty happy about the progress.

Second day 

This day started a little later than the previous one (around 8:30). Since the core gameplay was almost done I dedicated this day to graphics and sound. I took on the graphics part first. On the first half of the day I created various sprites and animations/sprite sheets. After lunch I started playing around in bfxr and created all of the sound effects. After that came the part I was most worried about – the music. I've never done anything like that before. After all I've managed to come up with something. At this time the game was more or less done so I decided to set up the page and make art/gifs for it. On that night I stayed up until the deadline (which was at 4:00 a.m.). About 30 minutes before the deadline the pressure started to kick in. I finished up the page and it was about the time to submit the game to Ludum Dare. And then for me, first time Ludum Dare participant, the most stressful part began. The site wasn't loading. I waited and waited and then checked twitter for details and then waited again. Many of you may know that the site went down and I was tapping that F5 button in twitter very very frequently. After some time the host posted a message that the submission deadline will be delayed and I finally went to bed.

The next morning

After waking up I made the submission site and finally submitted the game. I can’t tell what relief I felt after that. After that I took some more sleep (This time less stressful).


This event was the best offline game jam I ever participated. The community is great and friendly. I would’ve never thought that so much people would play my game! I love to create games in jams, they just bring so much new to your life. So much emotions, thoughts, good times and of course experience.

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